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December 19, 2005
Well I haven't actually done any more to her for a while but I have been trying to figure out a color sceme and a name for her.

A friend gave me the idea of Cyan for her name which I think I will call her unless I come up with something I like better.

As for the color concepts, I started out with the original skin color I designed her with but decided I didn't like the grey. She looks too washed out. So next I tried a darker brown skin. I liked this one better but there was still something about it I didn't like. So I tried more of a demon look instead of the typical stone gargoyle. I'm actually pretty fond of the red skin.

Yes the coloring is messy and the shading is harsh but again it was just to give me an idea. ^^

Go ahead and email me your comments if you like. :)

ok well after looking at the laces i'd done i decided i didn't like them. they were too bulky seeing as the wire just did not do what i wanted it to. so i ripped them out and tried something new.

i re-drilled the holes but this time i drilled them all the way through the leg. i then took some DMC enbroidery floss
i first threaded the laces that would be on the underside of the material. once that was done i painted over the thread with some Mr. Dissolved Putty to "glue" the thread down.

once that dried i used the 2-part epoxy putty to create the fabrice the thread iss upposed to be going through. redid the holes before it dried and added some crases so it looks more like the fabric is being stretched some by the laces. soon as the putty dried i finished threaded the laces and another layer of Mr. Dissolved Putty.

anyway, here's where i'm sitting right now. i just used my scanner to scan in the legs so its easier to see the detail. theres still a ton more to go of course but i get eager to post pics lol

DMC embroidery Floss

Mr. Dissolved Putty



brief review of the new epoxy putty-
Ace Hardware brand 2-part plumbers epoxy putty- this stuff is grey and light greyish in colors. it has a 3 minute work time and cures hard in 5 minutes. its kind of hard to tell when both parts are mixed just by looking at it. i found it easier to go by texture. vaseline helps with mixing it. it didnt stick to my fingers nearly as much as the blue and white loctite putty. it also smooths much easier with just water. it also cures a nice grey color which makes it easy to see what needs to be sanded without having to rely on primers. all in all, i think i may end up sticking with this versus the lovtite stuff. it's also about 25 cents cheaper than loctite and comes in larger tubes.

ok been working all day and this is what i've gotten done.
there is still a ton of sanding and some touch ups to do on this leg but i can give you a look anyway ^^

it may be kind of hard in the pictures, but her pants are laced up on the sides with skin being visable through the laces. I wasn't entirely sure how i was going to do it so i kind of tested things out.

first i sanded down the skin area that would be visable until it was really really smooth. then i drilled small holes down both sides of the exposed leg flesh a measured distance apart for the "laces" i then glued one end of some thin copper wire into the holes. this would be the part of the lace that comes from the back of the fabric.

once the glue dried i bent the wire flat so it lined up with where it would enter the opposit pice of fabric. over the glued end, i used a 2-part plumbers epoxy putty (a new brand i'm trying since Ace hardware was the only hardware store close by). i smoothed it on and shaped it so that it resembled fabric being stretched by the hole the lace is going through. once i did this on both sides, i then took the loose end of wire and stuck it in the hole of the opposite piece of fabric and glued it in.

since i'm planning on casting this eventually, i had to do something about the fact that the laces do not lay flat against the leg. so i used some dissolved putty surfacer to fill in the little gaps under each wire. once that dried i took it out to my work room and primered its easier for me to see what i need to sand and what gaps i have yet to fill.

there will be more done to this leg, probably shin armor, but i'll figure that out soon as i'm happy with the pants.

as always, comments and critiques are greatly appreciated. there's probabbly an easier way to achieve what i wanted so lets hear it





Been pretty busy working on her body. Did some minor sanding but waiting on the majority of it.

I chopped her down into pieces today and am in the process of puttying them now so they fit nicely again. then will come the sanding and adding of more detail like her clothing, ect.









I ran out of the 2-part epoxy putty I've been using on Alita and haven't had a chance to get to the store. Out of lack of things to do I began just throwing something together and this is what she's turned into so far. She started out with a normal wire armature and as you can see, has changed quite a bit.

I do have a plan for her now and hope I can bring her to life.





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