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Welcome to my little corner of the web!

I will no longer be updating this site.

I've got a new host with a ton more room so I'll be using that one. To continue following up please check out

I'm still pretty new to building garage kits. I bought my first kit off ebay probably 5 years ago but never got around to building it. She remained packed away until the beginning of April '05 when I happened across and learned how to actually build her. The rest is history.

I've currently only built 4 kits with a handful more on the shelf. I've decided I want to wait to paint them until I can get an airbrush since I've seen such wonderful things from modelers who use an AB.

Seeing how many wonderful anime and manga kits there are out there made me look into if there were any of my absolute favorite manga: Gunnm- Battle Angel Alita. I only found 2. I was lucky enough to get an original of the Battle Angel Rebirth kit from a friend on the hobbyfanatics forums. The other I settled for a recast from until I can hopefully find an original.

Feeling totally down by the utter lack of good Gunnm kits, I decided to try sculpting my own. Now we've entered an entirely new realm of modeling!

I will be attempting to mold and cast my original sculpts in resin so if they turn out they may be available for purchase if anyone is interested.

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