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Resin and Ramblings
Thursday, 22 December 2005
I've been slacking!
Well I've kind of been slacking on the journal entries and sculpting updates. Things have been so busy with the holidays coming up I haven't had much time for anything.

I have been working on some fitting issues and doing a ton more sanding on Alita. I've also started putting in the line up dot things for the different parts. I'll get some pics up as soon as I can.

I did add a new "In the Wings" page in the site. I listed all the kits I currently own and some of what I have to look forward to when working on them.

I did also add some color concepts tot he Un-named sculpt's WIP page. Feel free to let me know what you think of the colors.

There's a new banner on my banner page based on one of the color concepts for miss un-named.

I also added a couple new links to my favorite links page. Cody's Coop, whom most anime figure modelers know of and Rodger Dewberry's site called The Haunted Gallery. He does wonderful work with some great tutorials, especially regarded enamel paints. I'm tempted to pick some up and try his methods.

Anyway, not sure if I'll manage another update before i leave for the xmas holiday. I have a 14 hour drive xmas eve. We're going to visit my hubby's family in Michigan. 14 long hours with a dog, 8, 7, and 1 year old >.< We're planning on driving at night so hopefully they'll all sleep.

Well I'm off to bed. Good night and Happy Holidays!

Posted by mlfmodels at 10:46 PM CST
Monday, 5 December 2005
Been a while
Mood:  a-ok
Yep, it's been a while since I've done any updates. There honestly hasn't been much going on that I've felt blog worthy.

I got a nice surprise email today complementing me on my site and sculpts and asking me a few questions. Been emailing back and forth with this person a few times today and have been enjoying chatting. Because of the questions, I've added a new page to my site. Currently it's pretty much just a list of the tools I'm using with a brief explanation about how I use my dremel. Hopefully I'll be able to write up a good tutorial or two to add as well.

I got another email today as well telling me I might enjoy this other forum. I haven't done anything with miniatures or scale modeling (cars and tanks and such) but I'll have to check it out. :)
Scale Modeling Forums

I got some more work done on Alita today. Haven't taken any pics yet but I'll try to get to it tomorrow. I promise :)

Well I'd better get going. It's getting late.

Nitey Nite!

Posted by mlfmodels at 11:20 PM CST
Updated: Monday, 5 December 2005 11:23 PM CST
Sunday, 6 November 2005
Yada Yada
Mood:  a-ok
Not much happened today. I did wake up this morning and decided I didn't like what I'd done with the lacing on the leg of the un-named lady. SO i grabbed my needle nose pliers and pulled em all out. after patching and sanding I redid them a diferent way and am much more happy with the way it turned out. I'll post pics as soon as i get a chance.

I did upload the reference pic finally since I once again have a functionign scanner.

anyway I'm off to bed. nitey nite!

Posted by mlfmodels at 12:53 AM CST
Wednesday, 2 November 2005
Happy Bday to my son!
Mood:  mischievious
Well today was my son's 1st birthday. It's hard to believe a year has gone by since he was born already. He's growing so fast! We didn't do anything today but plan on geting my step son and step daughter this weekend so we can have a little party for him then. He's getting the weebles treehouse and a musical telephone thing. No clue if anyone else in my family will be getting him anything since we aren't really on speaking terms (refer to previous blogs for reasons)

On to another topic- my bank sucks. Big time. Lately I have not been able to figure out why our check card keeps getting declined. according to my checkbook there should be plenty of money in the account. Well today I go to the bank and get a print out so i can try and figure out what the hell is going on. Well turns out they've processed and returned a check 4 different times charging me $25 each time. The first time yeah, there wasnt quite enough money in the account. we deserved that one but the 3 following times the account was plenty in the positive after the check was processed yet they still charge us $25 and then return the check only to do it all over again! Hubby is going in on friday (his day off) to yell at some people since our rent check is most likely going to bounce because of it now.

I got a bit over eager (or more like bored) the other day and put up my xmas tree. I was cleaning and trying to make room in my son's room to put his toys since they dont really need to be in the living room anymore and the xmas stuff was in the way. so i figured why not. Unfortunately its one of those cheap $30 Walmart trees so i always look at it and think of Charlie Brown's poor little xmas tree. lol It does look pretty though. :)

Posted by mlfmodels at 7:39 PM CST
Monday, 31 October 2005
Happy Halloween!
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Watching wrestling =^.^=
Well its mys on's first halloween. Unfortunately pretty much all the trick or treating in my area takes place at the mall and being i dont have a license yet i couldn't drive there. The mall's trick or treat only goes til 7 and my hubby doesnt get off work til after 6 so no candy for my son. guess thats not an entirely bad thing though. he cant eat most of it yet.

i did go out and get some more epoxy putty today so i can start work on Alita again. I've also gotten the main body done for my un-named project so i hacked her into pieces and am going to be working on her details soon as i get the parts puttied so they fit together nicely again. the detailing is going to be very interesting. stil not entirely sure how im going to do some of it but we'll see. i've got some ideas i'll be trying.

hopefully i'll remember to take some pics and post them before i go to bed tonight.

anyway away i go!

Posted by mlfmodels at 8:25 PM CST
Friday, 28 October 2005
Just another day
Mood:  happy
Nothing big happening today. Been working on my new sculpt since Alita and Zwolf are on hold for the moment due to lack of epoxy.

It's turning out pretty good so far. The legs are a new challenge since they aren't your normal female legs.

I'll try to update my page with some current progress pics of her. She's a character of my own design so there won't be any reference pics of her for comparisons unfortunately.

Well I'm off to finish cooking dinner!

Posted by mlfmodels at 6:19 PM CDT
Thursday, 27 October 2005
Surprise visit
Well it wasn't really a surprise since I was expecting it, but child services showed up at my house for a surprise inspection. I knew my aunt would call and I was right.

Margaret was nice. She just asked to see DJ and asked me what happened that day. She could see what my house looks like and said it was fine, that it looks like what she'd expect a house to look like with a toddler running around. So she won't be back unless she gets another phone call. Of course knowing my aunt she'll call again just to be a bitch.

whatever, bring it on! i say. no one's going to take my son from me.

Posted by mlfmodels at 4:20 PM CDT
Friday, 21 October 2005
almost ultimate hurt
Mood:  down
I should have known something was coming.

Yesterday was pretty normal. My Gramz was in town to visit my uncle since he was in from Florida so she stopped by with my aunt and cousin joel (my aunt's eldest). They visited for a few minutes and then left. Didn't seem entirely wierd.

Today however shit really hit the fan.

My aunt shows up with her youngest son jeremy. Again nothing unusual. They wanted to take my almost 1 year old son DJ to the mall for a bit. I figure, ok sure. I get him ready, get his diaper bag ready, jeremy grabs his stroller while i grab his car seat out of the car. soon as my aunt has my son in her arms she tells me and my step kids to sit down she has something to say. she then goes on to say she's taking my son until 330 and will be waiting in the courthouse parking lot. when she gets back i'd have better cleaned my house or she will be going right back and contacting child services and have him taken away from me. my grandma and joel had only come over yesterday to "verify" what my aunt was telling them.

now ill be the first to admit im not the best housekeeper. its usually my kitchen that suffers since dishes are my least favorite chore. but my house wasnt that bad. i had clean clothes folded and laid out on our "game" couch and there were 2 paper bags of newpapers and a fan on the counter. i need the fan for cooking since i don't have an overhead fan for my stove. and there were the dishes from yesterday since i hadn't done them yet. some small little cleaning that my aunt decided to blow out of proportion.

i tell my aunt to give my son back and try to take him from her. she turns him away and kind of blushes me away from her and proceeds to leave. in pretty much hysterics, i call my husband and try to tell him what happened. he comes home and calls the police and they come and get the story from me and my aunt's cell number. they track her down and make her bring my son back but tell us in his view she didnt really kidnap him (all because she told me exactly where she was going) and asked if we wanted to press charges.

i should have but i didn't since im sure it wouldnt have gone anywhere. but frankly, she shows up at my house again im calling the police. as far as im concerned my family has pretty much disowned me so im not going to have anything to do with them anymore. not even my grandma who is (next to my son and husband) the most important person in my life.

Posted by mlfmodels at 2:18 PM CDT
Tuesday, 18 October 2005
Blog Day 1
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: nothin at the moment
Not a lot happening today. Set up my site to try and keep my resin stuff organized. Tons of searching through The Clubhouse forums. Tons of great info there and I hope to learn a lot.

My son gave himself a nice fat lip today. He was walking around with one of his baby books and tripped. The bookjammed the inside of his lip and cut it open. I turned when I heard him fall and went to him. Saw him laying on his back screaming with a mouth full of blood. Needless to say I had to fight down the panic button. Got a wash rag to wipe him up and cuddled him until he was feeling better.

Well off to chat with my friends in the GKJapan chat room. :)

Posted by mlfmodels at 9:15 PM CDT

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